|| THESIS || Intelligent furniture : Reducing negative health effects of prolonged sitting

The aim of this thesis was to learn by researching and examining whetheran intelligent chair could reduce negative health effects of prolonged sittingand improvethe user’s sitting position.

The thesis has three main parts to it: First the thesis researches common health problems regarding prolonged sitting and how it would be possible to prevent these.

The second part focuses on designing, building and programming a chair based on this information. Lastly, the third part focuses on researching whether the chair has an impact into the sitting habits of the test users.

The data acquired during the third part indicated that the chair, that makes decisions based on the sitting habits of the test users and then communicates with them by vibrating the seat with different patterns to improve their sitting habits, can potentially have a positive impact on the sitting habits and sitting position of the user.

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Aleksi Hakkarainen
Designer || Automation Engineer Järvenpää, Finland