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F400 is an Android box you do not want to hide in a cabinet or behind your TV set. Our goal was to design an elegant device ones can show in a lounge besides furniture and other accessories and with a strong personality that makes him visible and recognizable among other electronic devices on the shelf of a store
Animalitos are original characters USB pen drives created for a more feminine market. They are made of Silicone.
Sylvester and Tweety are two silicone made Mp3 players for kids designed under the supervision of WB
Gembox is a Connected gaming box which allows you to play your smartphone games on your TV and muche more.
P700 allows to asily share, stream and store your files wherever you are, wirelessly.
The aspect is compact, elegant and strong: a nomad object you can take everywhere.
Animalitos are original funny characters USB pen drives. They are made of Silicone.
Study for a nomadic hdmi device for TV on demand. An elegant and intriguing design defines this device. the Remote control and the hdmi pen drive create a single volume so you won't forget the pendrive connected behind your tv set.
B250 Slide is a 2 parts USB key.
The input was to have a very simple and economic product for the office which was going to be juxtaposed to an existing cap and body best seller product.
C450 Slide is a new USB slider designed taking inspiration from car design and its dynamic lines.
D250 Mini is a small capless design and reliable portable data storage defined by rounded surfaces and a simple and minimalist overall aspect
Nano Ring is a 3.0 flash drive for the SOHO collection
a Dual micro USB and USB 3.0 connectors flash drive for the SOHO collection
M750 is an elegant flashdrive designed to be customized with different graphics and also for 3rd parties clients
M700 is an entry level slider designed to be customized for third partie and with different graphics. A large printable surface with overall small dimensions and an elegant shape.
iCobra is a Lightning On-The-Go USB 3.0 Flash Drive which Quickly extend your iPhone or iPad’s memory. This design is intended to be minimalist and simpleto be well integrated with Apple products
Smiley World 3D silicon USB drives: creation of original 3D models for the Smiley collection
my favorite characters! I grew up watching these cartoons! It was a privilege for me to design their 3D version for Emtec.
The Asterix collection. Developed in strict contact with the Albert Uderzo Team!
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EMTEC consumer electronics

Emtec is a well known consumer electronic firm based in Paris and distributed world-wide. From the first concept to production, our collaboration goes through every single aspect of creating a new product: strategic meetings with the client, sketches, 3D modeling, CMF definition, assistance to technical and marketing departments and visits to suppliers in Asia and Europe.
The keywords of my designs are: Attention to Trends and Market, Simplicity, Positivity, Modernity and Elegance.

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Freelance, Full-time
Alessandro Paulis
Product Designer Venice ITALIA, Italy