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Science Park, Komenskeho University, BA

The site for the new building is situated among a pattern of identical buildings designed by a renowned Slovak architect during the Socialist period. These buildings are outdated and falling apart though they still hold significance for the University’s identity.

The design decision made was to respect certain aspects of the existing language that were still relevant- fx. orientation, scale, and pattern- while offering a courteous but deliberate departure from the outdated aspects of that same language.

The outcome is a building that recognises the prevailing architectural framework existing on campus, while at the same time offers a contemporary adaptation from the older stylistic language to one more suitable to the present and future ambitions of the university.

I served as design architect on the project with the primary task of shaping the western facade (the element meant to break with the exisiting architecute of campus) and designing its double skin.

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Freelance, Full-time
Alexander Baird
Architect Aarhus, Denmark