Among the first design proposals of before mid-review. This lightweight opened
vehicle was supposed to have only a roof and a small area to sit on, along with controllers for the hands and feet, which would be linked to movements the person does. I have called them “ARM KINETICS”.
Basically, it is a more complex, wearable exoskeleton, with roof and saddle.
The vehicle was supposed to be a single seater, and it is linked by the means of an intricate connection/articulation.
If you look closely, you can see the people from the top view.
On the bottom, we can observe the interior part, which is represented by the seat, along with the seat safety straps and saddle, which provide freedom of motion.
This poster stood up my desk for several months during the degree process.
Every time I had to design something new, make some new parts work together or move, I looked up at it and tried to find the solution.
The solution rests always right before your very eyes, you just have to be willing to see it.
As I looked back into the task, I realised that I must look deeper into insects that have the ability to fly over long distance, study a bit of their anatomy and parts that compose it.
From the bee I took on the wings shape and the wing-body connection.
Lotus firefly form studies

Lotus firefly form studies

Alexandra Ciobanu
Transportation designer Umeå, Sweden