Logo - Personal Logo
Ever Weld - Logo design for a new Irish brand of welding machinery. The brand will also be used on welding gloves and other kind of welding tools.
Olive Gourmet - Logo Design for a company based in the United States that will be producing High end quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars.
Fast Battery - Concept logo. Street, drag, drift and road racing batteries for cars and for guys into high tech upgrades for their cars.
New Jersey Advanced Gastroenterology - Concept Logo for a medical center called New Jersey Advanced Gastroenterology. Their practice focuses on innovative techniques using endoscopes and the latest technology to provide cutting edge care.
Whitesel Music - Concept Logo. They cover the entire United States for pipe organ sales and service, a large portion of the East Coast for Electronic Organ Sales, and most of the United States for piano sales. 80% of all business is with churches or people who attend church.
Dental Medic - Concept Logo for a Cosmetic Dentist
Highlight - HomePhotos - Concept logo for a real estate photographer that also work with interior designers, remodelers and crafts people who do custom work for the home.
ForexBlog.com - Concept logos for a blog focused on the technical aspects of the Forex markets.
Action ATM - Concept Logos. Action ATM is a start up company that offers ATM machines to business in the Houston Texas area.
Grease Masters - Concept logo for a grease trap pumping services company. They collect not only the dirty trap grease, but the used kitchen oil as well.
Wrinkle - Concept logo for a company that will be creating graphic t-shirts that will feature all different types of words, phrases, and designs which provide a small piece of knowledge or wisdom and a touch of humor.
Taurus for Fashion - Concept logos. Company based in Switzerland dedicated to the sale of any kind of fashion accessories on a higher level in terms of quality and price.
Bellisima - Salon Products - Concept logo for a salon products company
Plaut Ventures Inc. - Concept logo for a Financial and Insurance company involved in investing in technology ventures.
MCA London - Concept logo. MCA is responsible for consulting major national (England) and global brands on purchasing marketing and advertising production solutions and support services.
Pool Car - Concept logo Lingo systems builds (enterprise) web apps for corporate and public use, particularly health care industry. Poolcar is a system used by companies who have a fleet or pool of cars. Using the system, staff can book or reserve a car for travelling into the community, eg home visits for patients.
Logo Design
Alex Garcia
Graphic Designer, Animator Vancouver, BC