Designed graphics for One True Maverick Vodka. OTM is a a tri blend vodka. The main idea was given to me by Paul Boulding who wanted me to create a visual of a horse looking straight at you that maintained all of the original strengths of a photograph. We also explored an element of decay in the head, as half of the horse's head becomes skull looking and disguised into its mane. The mane also helped me by giving a flow and a more spiritual feeling into the artwork. I began by using pencil and graphite shading to create the look and shape of the horse. I created a large library of graphics for this project by using porcelain tiles as a canvas and drawing shapes with Copic markers. By squirting spirit on these shapes they where giving me an ideal look to go into the final piece which was finalised and compiled in Photoshop.

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Alexis Marcou
Visual Artist New York, NY