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After cutting out perfect gray, tan and black squares, I laid a thin veil of material to mute the grid-like effect and give them a 3rd read. I then took tailoring pins and pinned the images, fabrics and paper samples to the fabric.
Afte pulling together this collection of images and found objects, I found a plastic bag that fit over the board perfectly to add another visual layer to the layout. Photos were of industrial buildings I would drive by in an area southeast of Dearborn.
Fun with blue bubble wrap, a broken strawberry container, an industrial plastic dot-covered material and a horsehair swatch complement images of a McLaren F1, architecture and fabrics.
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Ford Motor Company - working color studies

Some of my favorite working color boards used to collect my color and material thoughts.

Freelance, Full-time
Alexis Senter
Contract Designer, Materials Specialist, Color Materials and Finishes Los Angeles, CA