Jeff the Bigfoot Rock N' Roll Art Head - "Jeff Hits the Right Note" themed art head. The included guitar is actually a multi-tip dry erase marker that can be used to draw on Jeff's dry-erase face and denim vest. The toy also features pose-able arms and fingers with many points of articulation for great rocking out poses.
Astro Dance Aimee - Girl's fashion doll with Simon-style game elements and interactive packaging. Features built in speakers and an audio jack for use as an mp3 player speaker.
ColorWheel EX - Outdoor water toy. The foam disc features water soluble dye reservoirs. When the disc is dipped in water and thrown, the dye and water mix with to create a spray of rainbow colored water. When a player is struck the water is forced out the top, creating a body soaking blast of water all over the player.
"The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack" Real Adventurer Bear-Doh Barber Chair - Flapjack themed Play-Doh styling toy for boys. Push on the top of his sailor hat to make his beard grow. Comes with a comb, razor, scissors, and bone saw. The barbershop sign opens in a clay press for making candy to stick in Flapjack's beard.
Grasweety: Urban Art You Eat - Graffiti art candy toy. The candy powder spray cans each feature a different color/flavor combination. When the dust is sprayed on the fruit roll-up "wall", it sticks creating candy art. The "wall" can then be peeled off and eaten. Comes with street art themed stencils and a "trash can" for collecting leftover candy powder.
Blossom Blaster - Gardening "green" toy. This combination seed/water gun fires, colored balls of wildflower seeds and fertilizer, allowing a child to "paint" their garden with flowers, water it, and watch them grow over the course of a few weeks.
Boys game with a Dungeons and Dragons-lite, style of play. The board is made of of interlocking tiles so that the gameboard is different every play through. players roll dice to move and collect power-up with drawn cards. Battle is done through dice rolling, D&D style. The goal is to conquer all the villages, and then your opponents castle.
Don't Pop the Top! - "Jeff Hits the Right Note" themed game. Players take turns rolling a die, and answering questions about either rock and roll trivia or bigfoot trivia. A wrong answer means the player must put the numbers of bigfoot into the bus that are shown on the die. The player who "pops the top" loses.
Jeff the Bigfoot Backyard Camping Set - "Jeff Hits the Right Note" themed backyard camping set. Features "Jeff" mummy style sleeping bag with feet and hands, log camping stool, battery powered campfire lamp with campfire sounds, and vw bus pop-up tent.
Space Ace Adventure Jetpack - Boys role playing toy. The jetpack fires foam balls from the shoulder mounted barrel. A "targeting" system in the chest piece features a periscope style view of your target, as well as a crosshair and ammo counter.
Toy Concepts
Alex Lathrop
Design Professional New York, NY