mint - ...
electric city car
prot-on -
minivan concept - digital tablet + photoshop
audi quatrissimo - the feature side of the car it reminds me an airplane wing, so actually this car with this design could not stay close to the ground at high speeds, anyway remember this is just for fun!
Acura advanced coupe
SUV light - ...
SUV light - 2d rendered in photoshop
citroen crossover
sport concept
super car
super car proposal rear view - tools: photoshop
monotype concept
High performance car
concept 03
Ferrari sport sedan - hand sketch + photoshop
honda coupe
JJAD sport car - two seater mid-engine sport car
001 restyling
project 001 - mid-engine, two seaters main cues: lambo gallardo and lancia stratos hand sketch + photoshop
project 001
project 001
001- project -
sport car scene
concept 1b - very conceptual approach this time, main keys are the use of flat panels forming the car body and a very generous digital glass area
AC Cobra - contemporary interpretation for the AC Cobra
classic coupe
crossover concept
advanced sport coupe
electric crossover - proyect for a small canadian company
suv light -
Audi A4 coupe
scp - mid engined sport car
scp - mid engined-two seaters.
scp - simple and clasics lines
opel spectra
concept0974 - software: photoshop
racer doodle - ...
turbo - photoshop speed painting
random sketch - sketch of the day...
free sketch - alias sketchbook + photoshop
alfa romeo 01 - done from scratch using PSD brushes
green lambo - done in a boring day
crosser - join venture between peugeot and chevrolet
SUV coupe
random sketch
random sketch
fisker GTS
sketch painting
ferrari doodle - just playing with pincels
hatch back
BMW 3 series
123 - ...
quick sketch
audi sketches - hand sketches + photoshop
lamborghini sketches
sedan - sedan for chinese market
Toyota supercar
city car - hybrid
car design

car design portfolio

Alejandro Loya Iturralde
Designer Minatitlan, Veracruz, Mexico