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Product Presentation Board - Designed to compliment the interior but not become intrusive. This simple design has many hidden and subtle details.
Evidence Board - Styling cues taken from other brands and Rolls Royce, all with the same brand values; luxury quality that losses no performance from it's luxury.
Brand Statement - Larry Ellison was used as a case study to try and enter the minds of a potential Rolls Royce owner. The bespoke nature of any Rolls Royce meant it was sensible for the purposes of this project to choose a personna to use as a client.
Scenario Board - The system can be housed within the existing seat design, the only change being a 50mm increase in the distance the central console protrudes from the seat.
Keycards select the coffee type to be brewed maintaining a tactile feel to the experiance. Milk is pre-determined by flicking a switch on the keycard. Pop-up shackers provide condoments such as cocoa, sugar and cinnamon. The freshly brewed coffee appears from the console and is held by electro-magnet that releases when the mug is touched.
Rolls Royce In-Car Coffee System 2007
Alex Ward
Interaction Designer Anywhere and Everywhere, United Kingdom