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Regional Museum

The town of Djúpivogur has an extensive collection of historic objects, natural objects such as birds and stones. The Regional museum displays the items from nature, culture, and history and a walk through the museum is like a journey through time and nature.
The spectacular nature surrounding Djúpivogur has an obvious characteristic of numerous high and thin crags. These crags were caused by lava solidifying in volcanic fissures during volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. The glacier that covered most of the land during that time period did not reach so far south-east and therefore did not level these crags out. It's noticeable that most of these crags have the same direction; from north-east to south-west, and can be explained by the direction the lava was running from. These high and thin crags are the inspiration for the museum interiors and are shown in the design of the exhibitions layout as well as the display cases.

Alfa Freysdottir
Interior Designer San Francisco, CA