Cosquiyelito is a friendly ice cube who loves tickles. If you want to make him laugh, you got to press all the buttons around his body, and then, when he cannot resist anymore, he will open his mouth letting you take a Yelito, which is a little and delicious candy made of ice and fruits.

It works with a cd tray, an mp3 player and a pair of speakers connected to an Arduino device. When the system detects that there are enough tickles (pushes), it activates the mechanism that opens his mouth (cd tray) and plays a child laugh recorder in the mp3 player. This creates a funny and unique experience to engage with the kids of the city.

My roles in this project:
Creative direction.
Project management.
Planning and strategy.
Idea and concept development.

Alfredo Basilio
Content / Creative / Social Media Ciudad de México, Mexico