This form is a capture of the line and proportion of organic food forms in nature. From the Pumpkin inners to the pear shaped gords, this form speaks a visual language more intimate and recongnizable than our verbal ones.
This follows from the previous image in that it was part of a collection of similarly shaped counter top items. When closed this droplet shape represents the same exterior simplicity of form as most fuits. When opened it displays more elaborate symetric and functional stuctures as seen on the inside of these same fruits.
Tissue Block Cradle - The idea was developed on the premise that there is a hidden beauty in mechanics of every day objects...such as the tissue box. The overall purpose was to reveal this mechanics in a way that was sensitive to the transition from the ordered, alligned, and perfectly folded tissues through to their release. The cross sectional form not only reveals this transition by tapering the area between the two curves into a line, it does not compete in it's presence with that which it's trying to showcase.
This idea started from the from of these energy efficient lightbulbs themselves. This particular concrete lamp design is one such form that showcases the design of the lightbulb aswell as its own.
The main feature of this entire line is a metal sphere that sits freely in a half peanut shaped indent in the concrete. There are no visible or physical connections between the sphere and electronics other than a magnetic switch which turn the light on and off depending on where the sphere is placed
Industrial Design
Ali Haider
Ali Haider Ottawa, ON