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Space Race, Waterslide

The Space Race introduces a wholly new opportunity for fun by giving groups of riders a chance to compete as they urge their teammates to be the fastest in crossing the finish line.

Space Race is a distinctive ride that offers a unique entry tower. Riders begin building their adrenaline rush even before they step into their rafts due to the tower’s design. It allows all riders to see other teams competing against one another as they wait their turn to enter the race. As they view other riders, they can start to develop their “secret” competitive advantages for racing through the 218-meter (715-foot) attraction’s slide path. Once they reach the top, riders face the exact same challenge as their opposing team, providing a rush as they speed through every twist and turn while safely separated from collisions. At the end, riders can congratulate one another as the winner is announced.

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Freelance, Full-time
Ali Sinan Ozturk
Industrial Designer Istanbul, Turkey