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Front and back views of Marckle.
Marckle's second face is revealed by turning the cupcake at the top of his head. His arms and legs are bendable.
Computer rendering using Flamingo nXt software
Color scheme mock-up of character
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Flamingo nXt rendering of Marckle in space.
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Marckle - 3D Printed Moveable Toy Prototype

Marckle; 4" x 1" x 4.5"
3D Printed Gypsum

This character features ball-and-socket joints and various other movable parts that were printed pre-assembled. He has 2 different facial expressions and a swinging trap door in his abdomen.The individual parts were colored digitally using the Z-Edit program, and a second model was 3D printed to portray a second possible color scheme for this character.

Marckle is a futuristic yeti robot that roams grassy plains in search of unsuspecting picnickers. He raids picnic gatherings, stealing cake and brownies and hiding them behind the swinging trap door in his hollow abdomen.

Allie Looney
BFA in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM; Tyler School of Art 2014 Wilmington, DE