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Linkage - cast sterling silver, 2013
12" x 12" x 0.5" assembled

For this piece, the individual design was carved in wax, cast in bronze, molded, and then multiple waxes were made from this mold. The waxes were cast in silver, polished to a satin finish, and assembled. The inspiration for the single link came from the formal language of salamander feet, human appendages, and bone and ligament structure.
Salamandering - Sterling silver, red cubic zirconium; chased, soldered
3" x 2" x 3"

Fabricated from sheet metal to wrap comfortably around the finger while maintaining a whimsical formal language.. The stone is set in a cross-section setting.
Splash Bangle: lasercut acrylic, brass; heat-formed, soldered
9" x 9" x 5"

The acrylic layers of this piece were cut on a lasercutter, heat-formed, and then pressed into place over a 2-part brass pressure-fit bangle with a similar formal "splash" motif.
Discreet Sugar Dispenser: die-formed bronze, vacuum-formed acrylic, lasercut leather, spring hinge, chain
3" x 2" x 4"

This piece is designed to be worn discreetly on the front of the wrist with the ring worn around the finger. When the user pulls their hand up and away from the container, the action opens the spring-hinged lid, allowing sugar to escape from the vacuum-formed plastic vessel that is riveted inside the pierced metal form. When the hand returns to a normal position, the container snaps shut and the flow of sugar terminates. This piece was inspired by Victorian poison lockets and rings, and was designed to be a fun and harmless alternative to discreet poison dispenser jewelry.
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Various examples of metalsmithing

Allie Looney
BFA in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM; Tyler School of Art 2014 Wilmington, DE