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Moonlight Nightlight - 3D Printed

Each nightlight is approximately 4" x 6" x 5"; this is an ongoing series.
3D Printed in Gypsum; digitally colored using Z-Edit
Modeled and printed in 2013

For this project, I wanted to create a play set with a miniature figure that could double as a night light, and I drew my inspiration from Polly Pockets and similar toy sets that incorporated small interactive lights into their designs. These models contains contain LEDs and reed switches, and the miniature figures house a small but powerful magnet. The reed switches are positioned directly beneath the beds of the animals in their respective houses, so that when the animal goes to bed, the magnet brings the two reeds in the reed switch together, completing the circuit and providing power to the LED. The concept is that when the child puts the animal to bed in the play set, the night light turns on, providing a more peaceable atmosphere for them to go to sleep. The figurines are interchangeable between play set nightlights.

Allie Looney
BFA in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM; Tyler School of Art 2014 Wilmington, DE