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Ergonomic Keyboard

The Ergo Fluid Keyboard is part of the Ergo Fluid Concept Series. The primary focus of this series is ergonomics, with the intention of reconstructing the modern day work station as an ergonomic conscious environment that the user may benefit from. This Keyboard concept is designed to alleviate RSI (repetitive stress syndrome), reduce hypertension, and correct radial and ulnar wrist deviation.

The design of the Keyboard achieves this by mimicking the natural curvature of the hand in a relaxed neutral position. The split keyboard function allows the two typing surfaces to slide apart, accommodating various shoulder widths and preventing unnatural elbow and wrist bend. With the numeric pad placed in the center, the trackball/mouse is closer to operating and requires minimal movement and stretching of the arm. All of these functions aid in maintaining correct ergonomic posture and minimizing stress.

Allison Marshall
Designer - Industrial - Drafting San Francisco, CA