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Ergonomic Trackball

The Ergo Fluid Trackball is part of the Ergo Fluid Concept Series. The primary focus of this series is ergonomics, with the intention of reconstructing the modern day work station as an ergonomic conscious environment that the user may benefit from. The Ergo Fluid Trackball is an ambidextrous vertical concept designed to reduce hyperextension, wrist strain, joint stress, and carpal tunnel.

The design of the Trackball is both vertical and ambidextrous, decreasing wrist strain by placing the operating hand and arm in a straight and neutral position. The Trackball is designed as a stationary product, minimizing extension and movement across the desktop. The Trackball surface mimics the curvature of the palm and flares outward where the finger tips rest, offering added support and decreasing overall finger movement.

Allison Marshall
Designer - Industrial - Drafting San Francisco, CA