BODITECTURE: Design Development/ Production

Boditecture is a convertible apparel design house that deals in creating one of a kind convertible clothing, for an on-the-go transformation
• Conceived, pitched, experimented, patterned, sampled and tweaked
11 looks in total to the final product towards
Boditecture’s Fall/2012/and Spring/2013 line
The process also included group discussions
color/fabric selection, design and trend research,
packaging and instructional design, creation of
consignment forms, monitoring inventory, factory visits
and local fabric and trim sourcing
• Co-designer to a convertible scarf featured on their web site
• Dresser and photoshoot coordinator
• Organized the Boditecture Fashion Show Fall/2012
• LA trade show at C.M.C via Focus
• LA Fashion week via Project Ethos in Hollywood
• Ahead of fashion accelerator fashion show in March and May
(Winner for best Startup design concept and business plan)

Freelance, Full-time
Allister Jude Fernandes
Independent Creative Fashion Professional Milano, Italy