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Two different television spots aired prior to campaign launch in order to familiarize target audience with the concept of Lazy Koala. Micro Site was developed to provide information about the campaign, prompted tweens to sign up for a contest to win prizes, as well as helped tweens to keep track of their progress.
Interactive floor projections were installed in malls across the country. The projection is a game similar to Whack-A-Mole, except instead of whacking, the participants needed to run around the floor and jump on the Koala before it grows too big. This is an instant call to action, it encourages tweens to act now and get physically involved in playing the game to win prizes. At the end of a timed game participant walked around a virtual keyboard to log in and submit their score.
AdPods featured the same game contest as the interactive floors, except here the participant had to slap the Koala with their hand in order to get rid of him. Again, at the end of the game the player logged in their score to be entered into a draw for prizes. The prizes to be won promote a healthy and active lifestyle, and included: bicycles, roller skates, figure skates, basketball ball, skis, etc.
Direct Marketing piece - a foldable fabric frisbee, which was sent out to target both audiences, the tweens and their parents. Included in the envelope was a letter providing useful information about the initiative as well as tips on active living. The objective of supplying the frisbee was to promote instant action and encouraged tweens to go outside and play with it.
Parents were advised to install a timed alarm on their computer to limit their tween's usage time. Alarm could be set to different time frames upon the expiry of which a program would 'fold' the tween's Internet activity and advise them that it was time to go outside and play.
Interactive online banners were placed on websites the target audience visits the most. To promote the campaign, Koala would jump off an online banner and clench onto the visitor's mouse pointer. In order to get rid of the Koala, visitor was advised to make several rapid movements with their mouse to shake him off. Once the Koala was shaken off, a message appeared with a link to campaign micro site.
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360 Campaign: Long Live Kids

An interactive campaign promoting a healthy lifestyle targeted towards tweens (ages 9-12).

Objective: To excite and motivate tweens to make positive, healthier lifestyle choices, so that they ultimately feel empowered to implement change in their lives.

Solution: An interactive multiplatform campaign involving a contest, in which tweens have to physically participate in order to win prizes.

Creative Rationale: Laziness and burden of leading an unhealthy lifestyle was personified in a form of a fun relatable character – the Lazy Koala. When a tween is doing something which is otherwise not ‘active’ or ‘healthy’, the Koala clenches onto his/her leg, arm, etc. and adds that extra weight which makes it hard for the tween to move. In other words, the extra weight will stick onto you if you don’t do something active soon.

Art Direction: Ally James
Copywriting: Josh Velez

Ally James
Marketing Professional | Driving Brand Awareness, Engagement & Loyalty Toronto, Canada