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Execution 1: Beeswax yellow and short skirts
Execution 2: Honeysuckle pink and cute dresses
Execution 3: Silver peony and flared capris
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Copywriting: o.b. Tampons

Getting into the head space of teenage girls and understanding their needs when it comes to feminine hygiene, I positioned o.b. Tampons as the ideal solution for menstrual protection as well as their small purse space. When the need arises to wear those new sexy bottoms for that oh so important party, but the purse is too small to fit even your lipstick, o.b. Tampons will come to the rescue as they are the smallest tampon on the market. I identified this USP and delivered the advertising message through cheeky copy and play on words, while keeping the campaign current by referencing that season's trendy fashions and colors. Copywriting: Ally James; Art Direction: Ally James

Ally James
Marketing Professional | Driving Brand Awareness, Engagement & Loyalty Toronto, Canada