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Collage of some of the best moments from the set.
Forklift operator as Batman.
Assembly team cheering on after completing their skit.
Timeline - the villain!
Captain America defeating Timeline.
Accounting Department saw a printer that prints money at their department hero ;)
Art Department has outdone itself again by creating these phenomenal robot costumes.
Trap set up for Timeline by the Shipping Department - in the next frame this wall of boxes falls on the villain trapping him under.
Iron Man and the orange Assembly Team are screaming out for help from their colleagues.
Quality Assurance Department having a time of their life by performing their well-rehearsed dance routine. Way to set the bar up high team! Some Quality work! ;))
Timeline is on the lookout, searching for opportunities to sabotage and create a delay in the workflow.
Creative Department (powered by coffee) chased Timeline out of the building with their over-sized Tim Horton's cups and is celebrating the team victory.
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Film Production

Concept: Using a light-hearted approach demonstrate how everyday heroes at Array perform their daily duties like superheroes by constantly meeting short deadlines.

One of my most memorable projects by far! From coming up with the creative concept all the way through directing on set and making edits to the final cut, I managed this project from beginning to end. To involve all of 500+ employees, facilitate team building and foster creativity I divided the staff into 32 groups in which they had a task of coming up with a short skit on the topic "Array's Everyday Heroes - Fight Against the 'Timeline'". The theme song was none other than "I Need a Hero" by Bonnie Tyler, a remix. As a comic relief some employees were to wear superhero costumes, and of course they needed a villain - their very own Timeline!

By frequently monitoring rehearsals, developing props and some costumes, staging the set and motivating people during the shoot I ensured that this production was a great success!

Ally James
Marketing Professional | Driving Brand Awareness, Engagement & Loyalty Toronto, Canada