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Recognition Plaque System is hung on a wall in the plant in the area with high traffic and best visibility from the plant floor.
Recognition Plaque System consists of 10 plaques total: 7 are currently holding the names of people who have been with the company for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years, as well as company's Alumni. 1 Plaque displays company's Core Principles and Values; and 2 Plaques on the ends have a screen printed pattern on them temporarily - they are extra boards for when the other 7 get filled up with names and more boards will be required.
Person for scale.
This is what a single plaque looks like close up.
Name plates are made from brushed aluminium, later the employee names and the date they joined are printed on top. 3 corners of all name plates are rounded to 0.125", but the top left corner is cut on a 45 degree angle so that when the time comes to update, person moving the name plate from one board to another will easily be able to dig the name plate out of the groove.
Striker plates are glued into the grooves and a magnetic strip is attached to the name plates, so that the name plate is easily navigated into the grove, it is sunken and secure.
The large plates displaying the years of service are structured in the same manner, this is to facilitate worry-free updating in the future.
I came up with a catchy message to bring the idea together. A wonderful suggestion came from HR and was implemented: to alternate the message on every plaque from "Great companies are created by great people." to "Great people create great companies." The slogan is screen printed on top of the plaque.

Company's logo is screen-printed on the front and the frosted pattern is screen-printed on the back to create depth.
Chrome stand-offs were used to secure the plaques in place.
They were drilled through the grout.
Backsplash is made up of tile precisely layed out in such a pattern that would allow for the boards to be secured exclusively through the grout - drilling into tile would crack it. Dark grout was picked to match the colour of tile as closely as possible to minimize distraction visible through transparent boards.
Voila! An easily updatable Recognition Plaque system that reflects the company's business and its greatest resource - people.
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Industrial Design

Objective: Create an easily updatable system for displaying and changing names on the Years of Service Recognition Plaques.

Creative Strategy: Incorporate company's core materials and processes to make these Recognition Plaques 'their own'. They will serve as a sign of appreciation, pride and a continuous reminder of the people who work(ed) hard to build up this company.

Solution: Acrylic place boards with CNCed grooves that will secure name plates.

After coming up with the solution I used my project management skills to collaborate with numerous departments within the plant as well as external vendors in order to bring this idea to life.

Ally James
Marketing Professional | Driving Brand Awareness, Engagement & Loyalty Toronto, Canada