HOT TUNA! - Nice Shorts - Created add campaign, Photo shoot & graphic design Hot Tuna - Photographed & created print designs. Created ad campaign-Photo shoot & graphic layout
Gidget - Developed skate product line for Gidget Sporting goods. Created line sheet, photography & graphic layout.
Sensual - Editorial photo shoot
The Movie - Conceptualized & art directed advertisement for Full Service apparel, Mock movie poster geared for the the vintage subculture tee shirt brand.
Get Powered C - Add layout for Vitamin Water with pro surfer Ryan Ragen
River of Skulls - DVD cover for Sheep Ranch Productions-Photographed on set, designed cover graphics.
Pool Play - Produced & photographed promotion for House of Brews night club.
The Fish - Two page advertisement, Graphics & layout for Hot Tuna
Scanty - Photo shoot for Scanty intimate apparel
Spring Break - Pac Sun retail stores- Spring Catalog- photo shoot on location Cancun.
Buy Now - Conseptualised and photographed for POP Display ad, Hot Tuna
Euro Funk - Developed denim design & ad campaign, Euro Funk jeans
We're Back - Developed marketing material for Hot Tuna, art direction & graphic layout.
Alan Newberg
Creative Director, Designer, Photographer Sunset Beach, CA