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Various Logos - A handful of logos I've done for agencies, design firms and small businesses.
SouthernLINC Wireless Poster - Poster (24x36) created to inform customers about free music downloads with select
cellular plans.
LeasePlan Party Invitation - This card was designed with a thermochromic ink on the front of the
invite. The ink turns transparent when activated by body heat. After placing hand on hand scan the ink disappeared to reveal “mission info” for the party. An email was later sent out with more information.
Suzuki.com Posters - Two posters (36x24) created to drive customers to suzuki.com to see the GSX R-1000 bike and the KingQuad ATV.
The Fund Assembly 2007 Elements - Designed all the elements needed for The Fund’s Annual Assembly using French Butcher Paper and metallic ink. Each year The Fund’s Assembly is held over two days and includes helpful seminars and networking opportunities for all Fund members.
Kilgannon Holiday Card - Created the most politically correct holiday card on the planet. Received killer feedback from existing clients, vendors and prospective clients. A credit card-sized magnifying glass was included to help with the 6-point legal.
Snowboard Design Submission - Designed a snowboard for RIDE’s 2003 Snowboard Design Competition in
Colorado. Piece received Honorable Mention out of 200 entries.
Das Assjugend Poster - Poster (14x20) designed for a
TurboNegro cover band in Atlanta. Used lyrics from three different albums to create the skull.
Partnership Against Domestic Violence Newspaper Ads - These ads were developed to call attention to domestic violence as seen through a child’s eyes. The agency was informed by PADV that a gentleman called in to get help after seeing the ads. One of the best feelings Ive had in my career, so far.
Suzuki Dealer Billboards - Boards designed for Suzuki to promote attitude and create drive to the dealers.
SouthernLINC Wireless Sponsorship Ad - Ad developed for the sponsorship of the Tour de Georgia bicycle race.

Photographed and retouched final image.

Silver Addy
Minced Oath_Logo_A - This is a logo I did for my buddy's thrash band in Atlanta. The term Minced Oath is basically soft profanity, like gosh darn. So I made the name into a butcher knife and a dagger.
Minced Oath_Logo_B - The second option for the thrash band Minced Oath. I like the butcher knife more than this option but both serve their purpose well.
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Allister Martin
Designer/Art Director San Francisco, CA