Firefox Rebranding

I had to create a brand new design for a company of my choice. I decided Firefox. I thought it would be a great piece for my portfolio. I had issues coming up with a create design that was powerful enough to attract the client and self explanatory.

I came up with the idea when i was sketching my own identity (funny how that works, and i still can't figure out my identity). I was playing around with the "&" symbol. I realized that it had a sexy shape. I started to image the face of the fox. So, i began to sketch out a quick design. I google faces of foxes and different poses. I was very pleased with the face. Than came the hard part drawing the tail. I drew different shapes and flames. After many tries i finalized my design. I decide to go with the cold colors to identify the web.

Alejandra Alvarez
Graphic Design Chicago, IL