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Floor Plan
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Perspective highlighting furniture, fixtures, and finishes.
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Reflected Ceiling Plan
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Annotated Section
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Rendered Perspective: Day
Rendered Perspective: Night
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Airport Interfaith Chapel

It was important that the design of this chapel was non-denominational without being cold or impersonal. Both the aesthetic and the function of the space needed to accommodate the practices of travelers from any religious background, as well as being accessible as a quiet, peaceful place for those with no religious affliliation. Natural materials ground the space, and the warm earth tones create a atmosphere of comfort. The skylights and wall details dapple the
space with light and shadow,like sunlight through trees, while frosted glass obscures views of planes overhead. A the water feature provides soothing ambience, ifilters and sanitizes the water for use to wash hands, feet, and faces before prayer, and acts as a water source for the hanging planters. Artificial lighting is used purposefully and economically, creating a calming, warm ambient glow. The space is a natural, peaceful, and soothing setting for prayer and meditation for those who need a haven from the stresses of travel.

Alyssa Olsen
Production Assistant (Firehouse Center for the Arts) Newburyport, MA