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Set Design: Ground Plan
As Avenue Q primarily takes place on a fictional
street an “outer-outer borough”
of New York City, we wanted to
create a cityscape that felt hectic
and rundown, without taking
attention away from the action
on stage. Each primary character,
all residents of the same building
on Avenue Q, has a designated
fl at with their own apartment
window at different visual levels.
The higher windows had to be
safe to access with a puppet on
one hand, so those had short
steps leading up to a long drama
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Flat Design: Rear Elevation
Each flat has a window cut out with a sheer curtain that can be used to create silhouettes for night scenes, or can be opened for dialogue/songs.
Flat Design: Section
Set Design: Front Elevation
Set Design: Perspective #1
Set Design: Perspective #2
Set Design: Perspective #3
Set Construction: Progress Photo
Set Construction: Progress Photo
Puppet Making: Progress Photo #1
All the puppets used foam as a base for the head and arms.
Puppet Making: Progress Photo #2
The foam bases are covered with fabric, and the noses and mouth pieces are attached.
Puppet Making: Progress Photo #3
We start adding details: Eyes, lashes, brows, lips, hair, ears, etc.
Puppet Making: Progress Photo #4
Wigs are securely attached and styled (if needed). We also attached the arms and rods and finished the bodies.
Puppet Making: The finished products
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Avenue Q - Set and Puppets

For the Sparhawk Spotlights production of "Avenue Q" (Summer 2013). For this workshop, all
participants were involved in the
technical aspects of the show in addition to the performance aspects.
We worked as a team to
design and construct the puppets and set pieces used on stage.

I assisted primarily with the design and painting of the flats, and I created the puppets for the characters of Kate Monster, Rod, and Lucy (and assisted with many others).

Alyssa Olsen
Production Assistant (Firehouse Center for the Arts) Newburyport, MA