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Concept sketch
Section (full)
Section (socket and lamp)
Top view
Partially assembled
Materials for shade
Materials for shade
Top view of shade
Finished fixture (off)
Finished fixture (on)
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Custom Luminaire

My concept for this light fixture is Laurelin, the Golden Tree of Valinor, from J.R.R Tolkien’s "The Silmarillion". In the story, the world was lit by two glowing trees: Laurelin provided warm golden light, and Telperion a softer silver. They alternated periods of light and dark, creating day any night. When evil forces destroyed them, the single remaining golden fruit from Laurelin became the Sun, while the last flower of Telperion became the Moon.

Laurelin is described as the “female” tree; delicate, lithe, and of smaller stature. She bore round golden fruits. I wanted to evoke a tree-like image without literally making a tree fixture, and so chose to use natural wood and keep materials bare. I chose a warm-toned light, and aligned the wood disks to mimic the dappled light and shadow of sunlight filtering through leaves

Base -Tree stump slice
Shade- Tupperware lid, 2 ½” tree slices, twine
Socket, pipe, wire, shade harp
Lamp- A15 bulb, 40 W, 355 lumens

Alyssa Olsen
Production Assistant (Firehouse Center for the Arts) Newburyport, MA