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"The Scientist"
Lab Rat #1 (Facial reconstruction/regeneration research)
Lab Rat # 2 (Cybernetic enhancements)
Lab Rat #3 (Arthritis inflammation research)
Process of Lab Rat #2
Becoming the Scientist
Lab Rat #1 (with the "human ear" attached)
Lab Rat #3
Rats #1 and #2
The Lab Rats
The whole entourage
"The Scientist" Alternative
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IIDA NE Fashion Show 2014

The Fashion Show Gala is a competition event held by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) that brings together interior design professionals and an intimate selection of students to create attire using industry materials, based around a central theme. The theme chosen for the 2014 competition was “Adaptation”. From that, the Endicott student team chose to caricature lab rats, each with dramatic interpretations of actual experiments conducted on rats in research labs. The scientist figure playfully lures them in and dresses them up like pets, adding an eerie twist to this examination of the adaptation of human nature that occurs when we try to manipulate nature to our advantage.
I spearheaded the designs and creative process for our team entry. We used recycled catalogs, spare trimming, unused electrical devices, packaging foam, and other gathered materials from our sponsors. In particular, I constructed and painted the giant human ear affixed to one of the rats.

Alyssa Olsen
Production Assistant (Firehouse Center for the Arts) Newburyport, MA