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Client Profile and Programming
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Concept: A Compass
Compasses, used to draw perfect circles, are in many ways an old-fashioned tool. In an age where drafting by hand is more an art form than an industry standard, replaced in favor of drafting software, compasses seem almost obsolete - yet they are still used constantly. They can be purchased in any office or art supply store, and are still put on school supply lists. They continue to be useful and relevent, despite their simplicity and “low-tech” nature. Additionally, they are used in a way that promotes innovation and creativity, being one of the important tools for hand-drafting blueprints and schematics, or for making intricate (or simple) geometric patterns. The idea of being a tool that enables innovation is what inspired this design concept. Additionally, the features of adjustability, versatility, and a combination of linear and curved elements are derived from the compass and infused into the space.
Schematic Design: Bubble and Block Diagrams
Floor Plan, Elevations, Reflected Ceiling Plan, FF&Es
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Rendered Perspective: Recepetion
Rendered Perspective: Cafe and Ideation Zone
Rendered Perspective: Open Workspace
Rendered Perspective: Interactive Conference Room
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NEXT Innovations, Inc

NEXT Innovations Inc. is a think-tank organization dedicated to seeking out and fostering innovative technologies by offering designers, inventors, and entreprenuers an opportunity to design (and redesign), make mistakes, and find solutions in a creative, conducive, and risk-free environment. Working with specialized consultants for a period of three to six months, budding entrepreneurs are able to rapidly generate prototypes and develop products before bringing them to the market. In order to support this, NEXT required their office to:
Attract, retain, and engage the best and brightest consultants and entrepreneurs, and allow for further growth
Promote employee health, wellbeing, and happiness
Support their brand’s philosophies and services
Promote employee interaction and collaboration
Give employees and guest control over their work environment
Optimize real estate, and offer more variety in spatial programming

Alyssa Olsen
Production Assistant (Firehouse Center for the Arts) Newburyport, MA