First Floor Plan - Nest is an alternative birth center that provides prenatal, delivery and postnatal services in support, retail and healthcare for mothers that are concerned about the impact of the environment on their health and are disenchanted with the over-medicalization of modern obstetrics. Nest is overseen by midwives, who are trained to handle emergencies, but don't perform surgery. In the case of an emergency, Nest is located 5 minutes from both University Hospital and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland.
Second Floor Plan - Prescreening at the beginning of pregnancy determines whether the mother is a high or low risk pregnancy. Low risk pregnancies qualify women to participate at Nest, where they may customize their entire 9 months and personalize their delivery. There are 6 delivery rooms on the second floor, each customizable with room for family to stay overnight. The 2 larger suites are equipped with hydrotherapy birth pools, which have been proven to lessen the pain of childbirth.
Exterior - Main Entry
Secondary Entry - Healthcare entrance.
Main Entry
Atrium - Alternate view of main entry.
Cafe Nest - A possible alternative iteration as a market is forthcoming.
Retail Main Entry - Additional views of the retail space are in progress.
Exam Room
Delivery Waiting Room - Second floor waiting room.
Delivery Room
Hydrotherapy Birth Pool
Nest - An Alternative Birth Center
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