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Designing car style, inspired from Iranian identity

Today, achieving the identity of design has a crucial place in industrial productions. In the field of Iranian product identity any specific activity has not been done yet. One of these products is automotive which has a special place in our daily life and social activities. The aim of this study is to understand the cultural and aesthetic needs of Iranian audience of car style, and applying it to the design process. So that we can use the expressions of Iranian identities with the help of semantics methods to create authenticity forms. To collect the required data in the context of Iranian identity library resources and numerous articles were studied. To identify cultural and aesthetic needs of the audience a questionnaire were designed. After recognizing the tendencies of respondents, audience’s aesthetic preferences and desirable forms were extracted. based on the design principles of Persia, the final design is formed.

Habib Aminvand
Freelance Designer Isfahan, Iran