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Qom Media Center 2015

The project concept was how to build tall buildings with vast inner spaces, where the major monuments of Islamic Persian architecture were examined to reveal complex geometrical relationships, a studied hierarchy of form and ornament and great depths of symbolic meaning based on the climate of Qom which varies between a desert and semi-desert climate.

Another aspect of this project is the harmony with the people, their environment and their beliefs it presented and manifested. At the same time no strict rules are applied to govern this form of Modern-Islamic architecture.The shopping mall, studios and other facilities are arranged around structural cores where a central curve Atrium is covered by curtain wall Brick & colored glass façade. The Concert Hall jointed to the complex is constructed not only with vision of grandeur; having the largest Brick dome in the city of Qom which is mixed with Turquoise (firouzeh) glass.

Amirabbas Aboutalebi ...
امیرعباس ابوطالبی tehran, Iran