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Alloy + Corporation = Alcorp. Alcorp manufactures alloy pipes and the design incorporates the primary product of the organisation with the letter ‘O’ shaped like a pipe and the usage of steel grey colour
The design incorporates edgy, sporty and masculine positioning of the brand with its usage of steel grey and the letter X
The letters ‘B’ and ‘M’ create a three dimensional structural frame with a spotlight falling on it
The upward moving arrow represents growth of the company while the blocks represent buildings
The design combines the initials of the sportswear company and also represents the symbol of ‘playing on’
The process of transmutation of metals, which branch out in various directions
The signage is designed keeping in mind the architecture of the center. The main identity of this center is Its roof and that form in used in the logo.
In this logo the typical identity of apparel park is portrayed in graphical manner. The lines crossing each Other represents the fabric while the overlapping of lines suggests the weaving pattern.
Speed, clarity, progressive thinking and dynamism - these words lend inspiration to this design. The silver and black motif gives a new-age look to the brand. The 'X' is testament of the victory of future over the past; of the greater over the lesser.
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Amit Rana
Graphic Designer Vadodara, India