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Chill-o-Pillow - Colourful gel gets filled in transparent plastic cover. The gel is of a homogenous compound which retains coolnes.
Hence one can put the Chill-o-Pillow in the refrigerator or an ice box for a little while and once it is cool enough can take it out and enjoy the chill.
Each Chill-o-Pillow can be connected with another Chill-o-Pillows to for a funky colourful cold cover under which one can enjoy the coolness of the Alps.
The easy and user friendly connections of the pillows invite teenagers to come up with bright ideas and for different objects of desire like quilts, curtains, bed covers, picnic mat.
Trully Chill-o-Pillow is the funkiest, colourful, easy to use, chilliest need of teenagers who go out and enjoy nature.
bowl - Project inspired by indian culture.
How the things can change the charracter while using a specific pattern.
ornament - product design project inspired by indian culture
amphors - product design project - something on the table
indian - jewellery design - inspired by indian culture
Annamaria Koval
Vysne Ruzbachy, Slovakia