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1-color linocut on fabric.
Large-scale monoprint, two color passes.
Copperplate etching with aquatint.
Reductive, 3-color linoleum print.
Quick linoleum print for a friend's birthday on handmade paper.
Copperplate etching with aquatint and burnishing.
Forest for the Trees series. Each made from three different linoleum plates, all hand-burnished with the back of a spoon onto the paper.
The only time I forgot a copperplate in the etching bath overnight. Where there is white, the plate was eating through completely. I thought it was an interesting effect, so I printed it anyway. :o)
Two-plate copperplate etching with aquatint.

Printmaking projects from college and post-college personal works, including various techniques such as (but not limited to) monoprint, aquatint (etching), mezzotint (etching), screen-printing, linocut, collograph, multi-plate, relief rolls, handmade paper, etc.

Amy Rutzen
Senior Graphic Designer & Illustrator Providence, RI