Tazo Pre-Rebrand
Logo update
Tazo art assets
Developed photo art direction for ingredients and merchandise. Photography © Armstrong/Pitts. Each of our ingredient photos treats the ingredient like a piece of art, finding the individual beauty of the way the ingredient is expressed. It can have one element that is whimsical, like a colorful berry, or a butterfly.
Developed brand photography direction. Photography © Cade Martin. Our lifestyle photography depicts magical moments, as if the subject were in a dream with a sense of heightened reality. They are whimsical and invite the viewer to imagine the possibilities.
Tazo Filterbag Packaging. Redesign involved 200+ SKUs.
Wellbeing Tea Packaging
Tazo Latte Concentrates. Developed photo art direction.
Tazo Iced teas. Developed photo art direction.
Tazo Full Leaf Tea Tins
Tazo Bottled Teas. Developed photo art direction.
New packaging on shelf
Tazo, University Village, Seattle, WA The Tazo experience infuses the imagination and unexpected combinations into everything we do, fueling creativity and new discoveries. Collaboration with store development team.
Tea wall
Loose leaf tea tins
Shopping bags and hot cups
Website design
Select pages from Tazo Brand Guidelines. Developed with external agency.
Tazo Rebrand

Rebrand of Tazo for Starbucks Coffee Co. Led design for all brand assets, brand guidelines, photo art direction for print/digital, packaging (200+ SKUS), and collaborated with architects on the Tazo retail store in Seattle.

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Amy Lam
Design + Art Direction Seattle, WA