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Chevy SSR Signature Series Scrapbook - Purpose: To give the owners of the first 25 SSRs (the Signature Series) a special scrapbook that chronicles the unique pedigree each vehicle obtained, such as the Hard Rock Hotel SSR or the Gibson Guitar SSR. The box came in the distinct purple color of the Signature Series SSRs. The scrapbook included photos, concept sketches, and memorabilia of the car's travels before being auctioned off.
Chevy Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Torch Relay Commemorative Book - Purpose: To honor the dealers by giving them a book that commemorates the Relay that they were a part of, with photos that focused on the daytime celebrations held at dealerships along the route.
The Dow Top 25 award and giveaways recognize Dow's top 25 Styrofoam distributors as partners each year. The insulated mug and phone case are representative of Dow's distinct blue Styrofoam panels.
USPS "Sampling Through The Postal Service" Sales Kit - Purpose: To assist the Postal sales team in explaining the benefits of sending samples through the mail to their packaged goods customers. The physical samples inside the box show the various mailing formats, and the overview sheet gives more detailed information.
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Amy Wolfe
Creative Direction / Graphic Design Detroit, MI