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N3DS test & try! - Concept rendering.
Interactive stations for Nintendo 3DS console
To be placed inside retail stores, universities, shopping centres and more!
Alienware Arena LATAM Launch - concept rendering
Latingamer furniture - concept rendering for tournament furniture
Mars Stand - concept rendering for Expo Wal Mart
January 2011; Mexico City
EGS entrance concept - This is a concept for the expo entrance @ExpoBancomer México.
EGS 2011 welcome pavillion - approved version!
Disney EGS Concept - Booth concept for Disney Interactive Studios for EGS 2011
WB Games EGS concept
Arkham City themed booth concept - EGS 2011
Square Enix Booth Concept @EGS2011 - Yes, there is a palm tree in there. It's a photo opportunity and demo area for Dead Island Game!
Square Enix Booth Concept
This Stand could be seen at different shopping malls in & around Mexico City from December 2010 to January 2011
Konami |PS3 rear view - This stand could be found at Perisur, Galerías Coapa & Galerías Insurgentes. It was also temporarily installed in Galerías Metepec, Galerías Querétaron & Galerías Atizapán
Konami | PS3 2011 concept - Our Client found it too bulky, so it had to be repurposed
Konami | PS3 2011 concept. rear view - This stand provided a storage facility for giveaways, branding space and a centralized operation for 8 gaming stations, hiding every component of their installation. Aesthetics was the only thing that I couldn't achieve as desired.
Konami | PS3 2011 concept - My personal favorite for this project.
8 gaming stations and a really eye-catching design for Christmas Season in shopping malls.
Konami | PS3 2011 concept. rear view
Perfect Choice - concept mini-store for Perfect Choice products inside EGS 2011's edition
Mortal Tour (exterior) - Released Apr. 2011 @Mexico City
Mortal Tour (interior) - Released Apr. 2011 @Mexico City
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render hero
Ana Elizabeth Puga
Mexican Industrial Designer Mexico City, Mexico