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During my time at SCAD, I was chosen to participate in a Dell sponsored project. We went through the creative process in order to find an innovative product for college students. We presented to Dell’s senior industrial designer, and were able to go to Dell’s headquarters.

Considering the environments of the college student such as dorm areas, studios, apartments and bookstores helped us decide on where our service could apply and how it could best do that. Another key aspect of our ideation process was looking at the needs of the college student and their interactions with those needs.

While separating into teams (I was part of the interaction design team) enabled us to “divide and conquer”, ultimately we were able to combine our efforts into a complete story. By developing a system that incorporated an entire user experience; the brand, the service, the user-interface, and the product family, we maintained focus on our main objective.

Ana Sofia Gonzalez
User Experience Designer at EffectiveUI Denver, CO