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Healthcare Card Company

I engaged with a client that wanted to focus on a new product to create faster and efficient healthcare cards. A 2-day workshop with the client ensured that the entire stakeholders were aligned on the goals, objectives, and target users of the card design project. The overall goals were to create a generic healthcare card design application that is easily configurable/customizable for multiple card design processes. Optimized for iPads, tablets, and desktops that reduces internal process inefficiencies (redundant data, multiple users, time/steps to get to production) and ultimately the head count.

Once we had a general understanding of the data elements included in an insurance card, we re-constructed a loose layout to give ourselves a starting point for how the live preview would look in the Card Design prototype. After gathering the “happy path”, I began to create digital wireframes on Adobe Illustrator. Our final deliverable was an experience framework in a pdf with annotations.

Ana Sofia Gonzalez
User Experience Designer at EffectiveUI Denver, CO