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Nodes Concept

I participated in a innovative non-linear learning experience project at EffectiveUI. The scope of this project included customer insight, concept & interaction design, and visual design. The subject being explored was how students could interact with a digital evolution of the traditional textbook. Under specific study was whether the “nodes” concept was an effective and natural manner for studying biology in the context of higher education classes, and how the “nodes” model might be visualized.

The insight phase of the project entailed several in-context interviews with students, professors, and a classroom observation session. The interaction design phase explored different ways of making the concept real. Concepting and interaction design was be done through collaborative brainstorming among the team and with McGraw Hill, and produce design artifacts such as interface sketches and wireframes for use in concept validation research and internal socialization of the “nodes” concept.

Ana Sofia Gonzalez
User Experience Designer at EffectiveUI Denver, CO