The Bright Side - Louisy and Syl live on the Bright Side, where their only concern is the ants who storm their house and the bird who flies into their window.
Bird Thump - A bird always flies into Syl and Louisy's window. The animation that was projected on stage is contained in this set.
Ant Army
Syl wants something more - Syl knows that there are other things in the world: people who need help and wars to stop. She wants to leave the comfort of their home to be a soldier for good.
Myra and the Lop Side - Myra acts like a fearless warrior... but she really is as vulnerable as the rest of us. She lives on the Lop Side, an isolated, dark place. A constant wind whips any loose items through the air.
Bird House
Anastacia Spada
Experience Designer San Francisco, CA