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Package Design - This 26" Widescreen box was designed to attract the attention of the female audience. Its design will attract the buyer with its clean look, it will stand out on the shelves compared to the competition with their brown card board boxes, and cold blue hues. This box has warm hues, and the type is legible but does not scream to the audience.
Alpha Kappa Alpha Flyer - This is the front view of a flyer promoting an "Event" week for this greek sorority. The front design is a prelude to the back which gives the calendar of activity for the event week
Diversity Spread - Collaborated with a partner where we shared responsiblity of creating copy, editing and layout of a civil democracy book we titled simply “American Democracy”. This is a spread from the the chapter on the future. The book goes on to talk about American democracy touching on the past, present and the future. We chose images that not only told a story, but were editorial worthy.
Third Life of Grange Copeland - Book Redesign of The Third Life of Grange Copeland, a novel by the author of The Color Purple. The origianl cover needed a redesign, because it was dated. This new design was to create a cover that was more timeless, and makes you wonder "Who is Grange Copeland?"
TriFold Invite - Back view
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