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Alfa Romeo - BeAlfa

The brief
To restyle and possibly rebrand the web portal alfisti.it that was originally geared for the 30+ male to cater to new four different desirable targets:

1. 18-30 y.o. male (focus on 18-25)
2. 30+ y.o. female (single worker)
3. 30+ y.o. male (focus on 35-45)
4. 30+ y.o. female (mother)

The solution
To move from an the concept of ownership ("I own an Alfa Romeo") to a concept of being ("I am an Alpha, a fighter, a winner. Therefore Alfa Romeo is my brand of choice"). The portal would be renamed "BeAlfa" and the for main targets personified with wild and beautiful animals. The endclient loved the idea and the web portal redesign, but unfortunately a change in the market scenario made the initial brief no longer valid so the project was not executed.

Andrea Carega
Design Lead at Climate investment Funds @ World Bank, previously... Roma, Italy