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Since Unicum secret recipee contains more than 40 different herbs and spices from all over the world and is aged for 6 months in oak barrels, we decided to showcase it by using the barrels (and the spices under a plexiglass disc) as tables for the event
The winning design became the packaging of the 2014 Special Edition of Unicum
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"Carattere Unicum" event in Milan 2014

Creative direction and graphic design for the "Carattere Unicum" event held in MIlan in spring 2014. The event was split in two phases: one for trade representatives and journalists, and one for selected consumers. The event featured a degustation corner, a special bar/stage where during the night there was the concert of a famous Italian jazz player, and a live art performance by 5 different illustrators who were called to decorate a barrel of Unicum each. In the following weeks, the public could vote their design of choice on the Unicum website: the winning design became the 2014 Special Edition packaging of Unicum.

Andrea Carega
Design Lead at Climate investment Funds @ World Bank, previously... Roma, Italy