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Diners Club - Diners Miles Facebook App

The Brief:
Educate the public on the existence of the Diners Miles card. Money spent using this card produces credits that can be used to buy a selection of travel-themed services: from plane tickets to hotel accomodation. Facebook had to be the main platform for the activity.
The Solution:
Diners Club Miles: World Tour Facebook app.
The app is a simple game tied to a contest. After entering their personal data, users receive every day a set amount of virtual dollars that they can use in-game to buy things for their avatars. After having spent a certain amount of virtual in-game money, the avatar accumulates enough Diners Club Miles credits to travel to a new destination, that will be shown in the game.
The purpose of the game is to complete the world tour. Among all those who achieve this goal five people would win a weekend in Paris. All the people that participate in the game and choose to subscribe to a Diners Club Miles card receive special bonus credits.

Andrea Carega
Design Lead at Climate investment Funds @ World Bank, previously... Roma, Italy