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Pampero For Mix

The Brief:
To design a POP experience for Pampero rhum. The experience had to educate consumers on the mixability of Pampero, had to be implemented in different kinds of spaces and give consumers some fun but inexpensive gadgets. In no case samples of product (being an alcoholic drink) could be given to consumers.
The solution:
An hostess with an iPad engages the consumers asking them to choose five different personality traits and drag them on the empty bottle featured in the app, thus creating their own personality mix. As the consumer chooses each trait a small sentence explains why that trait also applies to Pampero rhum, creating a connection between brand and consumer and educating on the product. The user then shakes the iPad and is told the best Pampero mix for his personality, receiving a custom pin as a gadget.
In premium venues a photographer with an instant camera would take a pic of the consumer and gift him with the photo inside a cardboard photo frame.

Andrea Carega
Design Lead at Climate investment Funds @ World Bank, previously... Roma, Italy